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Adventus Holdings Limited has had a storied past since its inception more than a decade ago on 6 February 2003. The Company was first incorporated under the name SNF Corporation Pte Ltd, to later become Adventus Holdings Limited in January 2009. What started out as a vertically integrated electronics supplier to the semiconductor, plastic mold injection and SMT sectors has recently undergone re-organisation to cover 

(i) property development and management;

(ii) hospitality-related services; and

(iii) commodities and mineral resources


The Company has seen many changes and will continue to change and adapt to an ever changing business landscape, recently embarking on two new 5 star hospitality investments in Vietnam. The Board is of the view that the diversification and expansion of business activities will result in additional income streams and stable cash flow to the Group over the long term, and enhance shareholder value.

In establishing an asset management driven directive with Adventus, we have and will continue to purchase undervalued land, choose to develop and operate to eventually exit.


We continue to strive to do our utmost in delivering returns to our investors.



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